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September 21, 2013
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The Royal We - Commission by Famosity The Royal We - Commission by Famosity
Normally I don't post my commissions, but this was a sketch done at BronyCon and the buyer (~TheDescendantofKehAn) contacted me about finishing it :heart: He also asked if I'd post it (which is good cause I find this piece adorbs) and for me to attach this lovely story he wrote to accompany the piece.


Some day in Equestria's future, a historian will sit down to write the extraordinary story of Procer Twilight Sparkle Harmonia's ascension to power and the tale of her long, prosperous, golden reign as the Princess of Magic.

He will be horribly frustrated, and time after time he will discard his drafts and prance around his study in frustration. There will be something wrong with each bit of prewriting. Each copy will feel hollow. In time, he will go through his notes again, drawing his hoof through his beard and coasting his eyes over the diaries, letters, maps, and other primary resources that he had meticulously gathered.

There, as his eyes fall across a masterwork of an artist who had lived centuries before, the one missing element will flutter before him. The historian will smack his hoof against his forehead and moan. It was so simple. How could he have overlooked it?

He will return to his desk, and begin to write. Only now would the story make sense.

"It must be noted, that since the moment that Twilight Sparkle applied to enter magical kindergarten at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, she had been supplied with a missing part of her own personality. At that moment, she found a partner who would go through her life with her, one who it must be said, provided her with things that no other pony, or creature, that she would come to love, ever gave her."

"Spike the Dragon filled an unusual role in her life, moving between being her personal secretary, a very best friend, surrogate brother, and even something like a son. All of these were true, and none of them fit. Their relationship was unique among all relationships of their era, and scant examples of it can be found in mythology and history. Whatever they were to one another, he was her little one, and she his big one."

The historian will look over the rim of his glasses, examining the painting once more. A smile will go across his face, and soon he will flip forward page by page, filling in the holes in his narrative, ones that only a dragon could fill.

"History must record that, at the time, the unicorn filly who would become the princess was a rather introverted, bookish individual. Spike the Dragon was her only friend and confidant, as much as she knew about friendship, which given her history was shockingly low at that point in her life..."

"Though considered minor affairs by most biographers, Twilight Sparkle's first Winter Wrap-Up and her encounters with Trixie Lulamoon show us that Spike continued to urge her forward, and that he was her principal supporter and believer even after the other Elements of Harmony had taken precedence in her life."

"... he pulled her away from Sombra's door, and she in turn rescued him by assuring him of his place in her life. Together, they saved the Crystal Empire."

"... and it was the direct intervention of Spike, telling her that he still believed in her, not to give up, that allowed her to completely recover and complete Starswirl's spell..."

"... and despite their warnings, he followed her through at no pony's volition accept his own.

"There is something charming about Princess Twilight's description of Spike, in his dog form, licking her. In that moment she had been in pain, and what do fairy tales teach us other than the fact that true love's kiss always awakes a princess? No one ever said true love had to be romantic in nature..."

He will gaze over the finely proportioned painting once again. Yes, it will all fit. The one missing part will be found. The rest of the work makes sense now, and his pen will flow freely across the pages.

When, finally, he reaches the final pages, he will seek the best way to end the tale of Twilight Sparkle's life. He will go back to the painting again.

His head will hang, and when he sits again, he will think of how to define this missing piece, the ones the other historians, researchers, gossipers, and biographers will mistakenly find trite and unnecessary.

"It must be said," he will write, "that telling the story of Procer Twilight Sparkle Harmonia without telling the tale of Spike the Dragon is an unfortunate habit of many talented people. Under scrutiny, any work that does not include him in her life is a faulty one. Together, they made up a 'Royal We', a true partnership, one based on love, trust, and shared experiences."

"Though true romances would find her, it was Spike who entered her life first and stayed with her to the bitter end, and there is simply no other place where the dragon would have chosen to be. There is no other creature the princess would have chosen to fill the unique role that he filled. They were a 'We', an 'Us', and any who choose to ignore that miss out on the incredible tale that it truly was."

The historian will lay down his pen. His eyes will coast from the painting to his words and back again. He will draw his hoof through his mane and beard, and then blow out the candle before heading off to his bedroom to sleep.

It will be the best-selling biography in Equestrian history.


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redwallfvs Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Dear God I'm gonna cry, man........
Elennsar Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Truly outstanding art of two truly outstanding people. Favorited with joy.
MythCreatures23 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mommy Twi 😂
Ashoof Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
mmm what a nice picture.
Eeveeworlds Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Awwww so cutie and sweet! :)
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CHCHcartoons Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
I thought Twilight hated Spike.
evangelian007 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
It's quite lovely. I love the way the the light from the fire place is covering both of them. And the way Twilight is hugging Spike is really hear warming.
She's holding him in a motherly and sisterly way while Spike is enjoying the warmth. I kind of liked the relationship between Twilight and Spike mostly because it's open for so many interpretations. Maybe their love is platonic, maybe they love is brotherly, maybe their love is between a mother and a child, maybe their love is between a master and a slave or maybe Spike doesn't care what kind of love he has for her. That as long as he's with her he's happy. :)
1over0 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This picture hits all the right spots with me. The lighting is wonderful, the line work is fantastic and crisp, and the emotion is flawlessly conveyed. Your accompanying story conveys what love truly is too. Not putting this in my favorites would be a grave injustice to a touching and well crafted work.
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