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July 2, 2012
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Memories by Famosity Memories by Famosity
Have I mentioned how much I love Celestia.....

HA! I fit Celestia and Twilight together AND Celestia missing Luna into one picture....

MLP: FiM (C) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
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SydneyitsSydneyYo Mar 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
That is so adorable!!!
Tia, why u so grumpy? XD 
wolf-lion-dragon Nov 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
this is so cute!!!l let there be more on this in season 4!
I didn't even notice the picture until just now. But man what a beautiful piece.
This is a great and lovely piece. 

You see, Twilight has parents. Princess Celestia tricked Twilight's parents into signing a release of custody for Twilight.
Twilight's parents thought it was a consent form to send Twilight to a school of higher learning, they only learned later that they could never see their daughter ever again.

Princess Celestia had legal custody over Twilight, and used the filly's young years to assert herself as her parental figure, replacing Twilight's original parents.

You do know the tower Twilight was studying in, in episode one is the same tower she lived in with her parents before she got her Cutie Mark right? Where did you get this idea that Celestia "took" Twilight form her parents, why would she even do that? It would hurt her subjects after-all and that's the last thing she'd ever want to do. 
I'm not saying your wrong, I just can't confirm that. I figured that was Canterlot Library and her parents lived somewhere else.
I got the idea from the hundreds of fan-artworks that feature Celestia taking a motherly role for Twilight… . Or in this case, Twilight is in Celestia's inner sanctum as indicated by the picture on the desk. Wouldn't her parents want to raise their daughter when school ends?

Why would Celestia do it? Loneliness, and the longing desire to be a mother. Or in this particular case, raise Twilight and do it RIGHT, to redeem herself for what happened with Princess Luna.
It's possible it was a library, but considering she was staying there after dark and had a bed there, along with there being no librarians , it strikes me as unlikely that it was a library and considering the building was the same one she was in before she got her Cutie Mark it seems reasonable to assume she still lived with her parents. 

This picture is in of itself fan art though, excellent fan art that I love, but still a fan creation with no bearing on canon as to whether Twilight ever stayed at the castle; though it doesn't seem unreasonable, to me, that Twilight "might" have stayed over at the castle once or twice, perhaps for astronomy lessons ETC. 

It seems highly unlikely, given Celestia's personality, that she would be selfish enough to remove a child from two loving parents and to raise her, herself; even if she was lonely she apparently looked after Spike when he was hatched anyway; but she dealt with a thousand years without her sister so it seems unlikely she'd ever do something like that. I can still see her as a surrogate, extra mother, to Twilight, but that sort of relationship, especially among mentor/student, can come up a lot without the mentor taking over the parents role. 
I checked the episodes 1 and 23 for continuity. The library in Canterlot and the place filly Twilight was pouring herself into learning magic are two different places. However your right, there is no canon media that shows Twilight being raised by Celestia. I'm aware of it, and that's why I'm always quick to point out ""filly-napping" in fan works. Because that's what the artist unwittingly implies.

I never spoke of what's canon.

I never spoke of what's canon. But in defense of this art work, 1000 years is a LONG time to deal with loneliness, she cracked.
The fan artists apparently want Twilight's parents out of the picture.
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